Still No Net


But we do have a chronicle for ya. So what if I took a few minutes out of my super crazy busy day to upload some personal stuff to the Internet. I don't get paid enough for my job as it is, figure I should get some perks from the job right? Why not free Internet while I live in my cave/apartment that suffers from a massive lack of technology.

It's funny, I don't really NEED the Internet a hell of a lot. I mean I can survive alright for a month without it, but the lack of telly at the same time makes things a lot harder. It is a total separation from the world at large. Almost like living in a media blackout. No contact with the outside world, no news broadcasts to follow.

If you had said to me when I was twelve that I would be missing the news in fourteen years and it would bother me I would have laughed at you.

Oh I am growing old.

In other news I did have a gig on this Friday but that has been pushed back to next Tuesday. But sure a gig is a gig.


Tags: rant

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