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Got a gig on tonight with Comedy Dublin in Sheehan's, which should be a bit of craic. More stage time is always good as well as this being gig number twenty-two or something insane like that.

I only noticed yesterday that it had been a week or more since my last rant on The Bauble, so I figured I would brush away the Internet dust and post something.

Not something of any great depth, just something to keep the readers happy.

Or not.

I don't care.

Oddly enough things have been relatively non-hectic in the land of Jester the last week. Work has been work and sucked the life out of actually enjoying yourself.

Last weekend I was asked by my auntie to hack into her ex-husband's computer because she wanted some files off it and also because of some legal jargon that I don't even remember. During the course of the "hack" my aunt and mam were talking about things of no interest to me and my aunt kept saying how much of a computer "genius" the ex-husband was and that she had no computer skills at all.

After listening to this story I stopped the hacking, rebooted the computer and after it had loaded up typed in "password" as the password for the administrator account.

Turns out even a computer genius can use the dumbest password for the most useful user account on a system.

I was called a God for some reason. Turns out people in my family really don't get how easy computers are, more so if the main password is "password".

Rookie mistake that.

I keep meaning to get back into writing and drawing. I have an idea in my head for a series of funny-ish pictures to draw up. It's just a matter of sitting down and doing the work.

The t-shirt site is on hold for a while still. It appears that the struggle of getting broadband into the new place is on going, so I still have to wait for that to be connected before I can do any further work on it.

This has just been a ramble of a rant really with nothing even remotely interesting posted.

Many sorries for that. I will try to form a more coherent rant next time.


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