Lunch Time Eircom Rant


So, still no broadband sitting in the apartment at the moment. Although the reason for this is one of sheer stupidity on the part of Eircom.

About a week ago I got a phonecall from some lady in there saying that the address I had entered into the online booking tool was not a valid address. I explained that their online tool was crap, that a first year computer student could write better and that the reason it was not valid was because it is an apartment at that address.

She seemed to ignore my first two points and instead moved onto the third point. Typing this new information into her little computer and saying that all was well in my world.

Yesterday I got a call from Eircom, from the same woman in fact. She said the address on the ticket was not valid. I repeated the three points I had made in the previous call and also pointed out that we had had this conversation before (it was the same woman). She recalled ringing before but seemed to have no idea why. I told her that it was because she updated the ticket with the apartment address.

As if by magic she realised that she was able to use her eyeballs and read the screen in front of her. Lo and behold there it was, the very same information she had entered a week ago. Still there.

It hadn't moved.

It hadn't magically changed into something else.

It was right there.

This mind altering fact took her twenty minutes to find, while I waited on the other end of the phone.

Then she tells me that they will be out between nine and one next Tuesday.

Now, being a man that hates wasting time, I asked was this the same as an NTL "between nine and one", where the earliest I could expect them would be about 12:59. She said she had no idea what I was referring to.

I ran with it and requested that they be out as early as possible, rather than lean towards the later side of that appointment time.

She said she couldn't do that, to have a nice day, then hung up the phone.

I just know that next Tuesday I am going to be ringing Eircom at half one asking where the hell is my broadband dude.

What makes the whole situation worse is that when I had arrived home last night there was a bill from Eircom in the letter box. It was for the previous tenant of the apartment (for an ungodly sum it must be said). Now obviously the cost of this bill doesn't bother me in the least, but if they had an account already set up with this person then what is the hold up. Obviously the address is already in the bloody database, because they have already been billing a person at that address.

Stupid people should be culled from the human population so that there is no risk of them spreading their moron gene in future generations.

I know of only one person that works for Eircom that should be excluded from this culling process, the rest of that company all need a massive culling at this stage.

Who's with me?

In lighter news the gig went very well last night. I even have a video of it up in the video section, so move that mouse about the house and click on the link. Let me know what you thought by leaving a comment in the "Guestbook".

Now back to the mountain of work I have.

When does it stop!

Oh, I also fixed a bug in the RSS feed that nobody noticed. Nothing major, it just wasn't telling people that there was a new rant. Woops!


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The Giant | Thu, 15 Oct 09 09:59:05 +0100

Speaking from experience of working with billing systems in telecomms companies they don't (afaik) actually have any functionality that goes "ding! ding! ding!" this customer is residing at an address previously known to us. Something I might nod in the direction of the customer care head over a cup of tea.

The Giant | Thu, 15 Oct 09 10:01:21 +0100

P.S Your damn captcha's are in full caps yet your captcha check only accepts the word if it's in small caps

blue_jester | Thu, 15 Oct 09 10:39:48 +0100

It clearly says all lower case. I tell ya what, when I get broadband at home I will fix it so that it doesn't care what case you enter in. Alrighty :)

Kieran Carney | Sat, 17 Oct 09 12:57:28 +0100

Billing systems are usually separate for Telecoms companies, and in a lot of cases it's an outside contractor, so addresses are moved out of a system when someone moves on to being billed. Most staff only have access to maybe 1 or 2 of the systems in place. I think when i worked for Eircom i needeed to get another staff member to check 2 other systems for me to do my job as they wouldn't just give me access to the 4 i needed. I needed 4 systems to process broadband orders! Just admin no rovisioning, no switching on and no billing! What can I say they're Aussie owned now but it obviously hasnt made things any better.


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