Hmm...there appears to have been a slight glitch in The Bauble. It sent out an email saying the rant was up online but the rant apparently disappeared. I am going to investigate that at a later date, probably nothing to worry about.

Since I can't remember what it was that I ranted about in full you will have to make do with a summary of the idea of the rant.

1) Nearly finished the rewrites of my book, only two chapters left.

2) New book idea in my head, going to start working on that.

3) Lady Friend has more faith in my comedy and writing than I do.

4) Lady Friend found a local literay agent to send a submission of the book to.

5) Will submit that and see what happens, keeping you posted here.

6) Going to get back into the habit of writing 500 words a day to try not have such a massive amount of time with writing new book.

That is more or less it. Why it didn't post before is a mystery. Everything seems to be alright. I guess I will put it down to the goblins and leave it at that.


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