Nice People


They do actually exist. In the world, in this very city (that being Dublin for anybody reading this outside of the country or city for that matter).

Last Friday the lady friend pulled some strings in work and got myself and the younger brother tickets to a movie premiere for a movie that her company was doing the PR for. It was a nice little surprise and a funky thing to attend. Made all the more funky when Vince Vaughn strolls out before the movie starts and introduces it to the audience. You just can't beat a start to a movie that starts that way.

Anyway the awesomeness of her organising that aside, I had to drive into the city centre and find a spot to park.

Now, I was pulling this stunt off during the end of the working day, so street parking was possibly going to be an option, but I had to get into town early enough to meet the younger brother. I found a spot near the cinema that was pay and display. I only needed to pay for about an hour, since after seven it was going to be free to park there, but I had forgotten to get change for the machine before leaving work.

A woman had just parked in the spot before me and was heading somewhere with an elderly lady (I will assume mother) and as she passed I held up a five euro note and said "Sorry, you wouldn't happen to have change would you."

With that she opened her purse and handed be one euro and fifty cent and said that she didn't have change for a fiver but that should help out a little and continued on her way.

Such a nice gesture from a random person, it just isn't something that I have seen in a long time.

We should be getting Internet tomorrow in the apartment as well, which will make the posting at the weekends come back online. I have just finished designing a new t-shirt. It's actually a present idea for somebody, but the pictures are worth uploading.

Also, if you have a few minutes to look at an interesting website check out this.


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Kieran Carney | Sun, 25 Oct 09 01:33:55 +0000

I followed your link, so I don't know whether that makes me or you the bigger dick!

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