Lazy Kids


I have gotten into this nice little routine during the working week. It goes something along these lines:

Wake up beside lady friend and bemoan the fact that we have to get up for work, get up, make the breakfast, eat the breakfast, wave lady friend off to work, tinker on my graphics computer for a bit to wait for the traffic to die down, head to work.

The stuff after that is generally cursing at idiots and complaining about work loads, but that doesn't really count as routine, more a way of life.

Anyway, the reason for the last part, the tinkering on the computer, is, as I said, to let the traffic die down so I can drive to work. However this week I noticed that traffic was particularly light. So much so that I was able to get into work before half nine. Hell today I managed to get into work at ten to nine.

It finally clicked with me yesterday what it was all about. This week in Ireland sees the schools all go on mid-term. Meaning that there are a whole bunch of children not being driven into school in the morning.

The difference in the traffic as a result of this is astounding, shocking even. Last week the road outside the apartment was a slow moving carpark, this week there isn't a car to be seen because they are all moving along at a decent pace.

What has the world come to that so many children get driven to school?

I can understand if some of the kids are being driven to school as a parent goes to work, but that would mean the volume of traffic doesn't go down as much when they are off school. The huge difference is clearly the mother's who think the world is too dangerous for their little darlings to walk for half an hour to school.

The contrast to my own youth is amazing. Back in my day (no I didn't have to walk for two miles in the snow, that is a different generation) you were slapped across the head for merely suggesting that you get a lift to the school down the road. Rightly so as well, it was excercise of sorts. Hell if the sky opened and poured down so much rain that you expected to see Noah himself sail past on a second Ark you still had to walk home. You were lucky if your mammy was outside the school gates with an umbrella.

Even then it was generally an accident that she was there because she was passing on her way to the shops.

Kids these days have it too handy. Off to the sweat shops with them I say, so that the roads are forever empty for my morning drive.

I still have that other rant to rant about, but I will get to that eventually. Or maybe not at all, since I have probably built it up too much by now.


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Kieran Carney | Thu, 29 Oct 09 10:03:45 +0000

Had you perhaps considered walking in to work?

blue_jester | Thu, 29 Oct 09 11:10:26 +0000

Don't be daft Carney, if God had wanted me to walk...that isn't the point...stop trying to find holes in my rants :D

linz | Thu, 29 Oct 09 11:31:44 +0000

walk? to his work?... we're talking minimum of an hour... would probably take me like 2 hours from ours and we were just round the corner from him.

but yeah, you're so right. But dont forget to also factor in that because said darlings are on holiday, a lot of the commuters also take a holiday rather than paying babysitters.

kieran carney | Thu, 29 Oct 09 17:49:25 +0000

Rather holes in your rants, than holes in your pants!

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