Halloween has been and gone. This year I got invited to a house party out in Maynooth (as oppose to last year where certain "friends" decided to not invite me a house party but invited everyone else I knew. Got to love that level of maturity) with some old college pals, costume party but of course.

After much last minute running around the city I finally ended up with a costume. Throw in a little help from the lady friend who at the last minute suggested a better costume than the idea I had and boom: Charlie Chaplin.

Which actually went down really well it has to be said. A few people thought it looked good, considering it was a bit of a basic costume. All in all though a good night was had.

When, more likely if, I get Internet in the apartment I will upload a few images to the site from the party for your viewing. Or for those that have my facebook, shoot on over to the photos and check them out.

In site news I have not implemented any new features in a while. Mainly because I have none that need doing but also because of the lack of Internet at home. No point creating new code if you can't test it as well.

I wanted the sketch pad section uploaded. I also have a new idea for how the galleries are presented to people. But it will all have to wait as we battle on with various companies to get some sort of connection to the outside world in place.

Speaking of sketching, one of the graphic artist types that I follow on the web is traveling around Europe and has asked for guest comic strips to be submitted to his site while he is away. I am going to take a stab at it (I have the idea already just need to get the images done). The lady friend claims that the idea of the comic is a funny one, so who knows. If I manage to get it done and online I will drop the relevant plug here.

Now I got to get back to work. The last dredges of my soul are being sucked away as we speak.


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