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I finished off the pencil work on the comic strip last night which I am maybe a little bit pleased with. Sure I think it can be better but with a deadline approaching (as in get the damn thing submitted while submissions are being accepted) and the fact that work occupies about ten hours of my day these days I don't have time to just doodle and perfect every picture.

Next up is scanning and colouring on the computer, doing the words and finally placing it all together. I aim to have it submitted to the website by Monday next week.

Shooting a little high? You bet ya.

In other news my job sucks huge massive donkey balls, but what can you do about things like that?

Rant about them online, that's what.

I'll keep this rant short, there were comments on the length of the previous one. Seems some people just don't like a good read when they get it.

Also, I am not a Blog Nazi. Whatever the hell that is. You know who you are!


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