The Arguement Ensues


A regular reader of The Bauble, who lives in a Boot (no seriously, some people call it Italy but I have my doubts) sent me this little tid bit via email this morning:

Some people have too much time, I like that

It would appear she is on the camp that my logo does not look like a duck. I have to admit a lot of (or avoidance of real) work went into making this little chart/graph/what-have-you.

It was an excel spreadsheet originally but I just made it an image file for the purposes of making my life easier when I uploaded it to the site. Of course I hope it uploaded correctly since I am using work tools to do it, but we shall see.

In other news I have scanned, inked, coloured, shaded and laid out the panels for my comic that I am submitting as a guest strip. One panel needs to be redrawn from scratch and then I will do the wording and we are all set to go for submission on Monday. More on that as it pans out. I of course am not happy with the end result but as somebody (maybe the lady) pointed out I am never happy with any of my drawings or writings or comedy material.

Why break a life long tradition I ask you?

Now back to the real work, if only I could get paid to blog.


Kieran Carney | Fri, 06 Nov 09 11:53:30 +0000

Your friend from the boot should perhaps be made aware that Ducks dont have "Noses"... And on a previous rant, there arent as many people out there who have bebo or facebook blogs as there are individual blog sites. By having an individual site were you not being a sheep at that time? What's wrong with keeping everything in one place, nice easy and accessible? Would say user friendly but Facebook changes appearance and user friendliness every couple of days so it isnt!

Daryl | Fri, 06 Nov 09 12:52:41 +0000

No matter hard I try I still cannot see a duck at all!

blue_jester | Fri, 06 Nov 09 13:04:48 +0000

I have come to the conclusion that your good lady wife is obviously just saying it looks like a duck. There has only ever been one other recorded instance of a person thinking it was a duck and she was very drunk and lying on a couch staring at me in Kerry. College girls, what :)

Daryl | Fri, 06 Nov 09 13:06:50 +0000

I didn't realise WHO it was that said it looked like a duck :(

By the way, I just got 2 emails notifying me of your comment, rather than 1.

blue_jester | Fri, 06 Nov 09 17:10:38 +0000

Correct it did email you twice, although that maybe have been because your email was entered twice in the website for some strange reason. This whole having no internet thing at home is starting to kill me, how can I debug code properly.

Put a temp fix in place for the minute, should stop it happening again. But have to wait til I get broadband at home to delve in further and figure out why your name went in twice.

Oh I tell you, coding, it would melt your face.

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