Some people


Just when the dust was settling, not long after the last combatants had left the field, one last volley is sent into the midst of battle to start it all off again.

Thanks to =^-^= (from the comments on the site if anybody is wondering who named their child that) for sending along this little image, clearly weighing in on the side of duck-lovers everywhere:

Some people have too much time, I like that

Now, it could be argued that you could place the jester logo onto anything and claim it is related in some way, but there you have it. If you stick the head onto the body of a duck it is easy to see the duck argument.

I will just leave this one up for everyone else to debate, since it is a Jester head through and through and that is all that matters.

I also submitted my guest comic strip as intended today. Will wait to see if it gets used or not. If it does I will post up a link to draw your attentions to it, if not I will upload the comic to The Bauble so that you can all see how it turned out.

Now...time for tea.


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