Bloody day is dragging so I am taking a five minute tea break to write this rant and escape from the boredom of the world that is my job. There is only so many times you can type the same computer command over and over again before the words lose all meaning.

Either that or you type the wrong command on the wrong computer and spend the rest of the day putting out fires.

Luckily I haven't had scenario B happen today, but scenario A is happening to such an extent that I am having a bad case of deja vu.

I re-started work on a new-t-shirt design this morning, having started work on another design last night. The curremt design has been scanned and inked so it should be done in a few days. With any luck the Internets will be available at home later and I can start uploading images to the site properly once again (rather than the ad-hoc approach I have been using lately). When I complete this design I will be getting one printed up, just for me. But it will also be one of the designs that gets moved to the store (yes that is still in the pipeline).

Also fully plotted out my next book/novel/what-have-ya. Basically it is a better version of a story I was writing many years ago (scarily about ten years ago while I was in school) but never got finished due to a series of unfortunate events. Computer virus, state exam, accidental deletion, lack of backups, you know. Things I couldn't prevent.

With any luck I will get back into the five hundred word a day habit and have pages of proses being pumped out in no time. Although last night I did struggle to reach even word five hundred, let alone go over it by any amount, so I am either out of practice or not in the right frame of mind.

Ah sure, what can ya do.

Updates on that story will feature in rants going forward, both to keep folks up to date and to cause guilt to build up when I fail to have announcements along the lines of "Next chapter started".

Yet again a rant that sort of went all over the place, but I have to go off to a two hour bloody meeting now (at least they generally feel that long) so I don't care about disjointed thoughts.

Better out than in and all that lark.


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