The Battle for Broadband


Sometimes I wonder how Ireland got the sterotype for being so laid back and backwards, like you see in the odd movie. How we got landed with this role in the world of being a bunch of tools that stand around and stare at one man digging a hole, claiming to be supervising the job.

Then I tried to get broadband into my new place of living.

Sweet lord Jesus Christ this single task has become a massive mountain to get over.

Those that follow The Bauble will be well aware of the few rants that surfaced based around Eircom. Their ineptitude, their lack of skills, their half assed approached to doing everything and backwards method of selling products.

Smart Telecom became a glimmer of hope in the broadband darkness that I was in. A simple order, an account transfer and the arrival of the router all within a few days.

But still, as of this moment in time, no broadband on the line. This puzzled me, since I tried everything to make sure it wasn't some settings I had mucked up.

Today I did something I have never had to do, I rang tech support. I got a nice guy on the phone, whose name was John, who didn't ask me that dumb question: Do you have a sky box?

No John did some tapping on his end and found out that the reason I don't have broadband is because Eircom still haven't fully transfered the account over to them yet.

I was going to rant long and hard about this, but I figured what is the point. I will say this though, this is a simple job, this is the most basic of basic computer jobs. It doesn't even take any real computer skills, it's a "monkey see monkey do" sort of job. You unplug a cable in one place and plug it in another place and then type a command on a computer. How Eircom can take nearly four weeks to do this is nothing short of amazing.

So, nearly six weeks after ordering broadband, I am still in a technological cave.

I should have invested in those carrier pigeons that can hold binary in their claws.


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hinata | Wed, 18 Nov 09 14:53:15 +0000

even i feel apathetic about this. That is the hight of ineptitude...

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