It's Over (2)


The long wait, the battle, the constant calls and emails, the back and's over. After all of that we finally managed to do like the ad (for Vodafone but the point is the same) and showed Eircom the door.

I arrive home last night to see the lady friend standing in the hallway smiling. No, this isn't some sort of well trained female that awaits the return of the man of the house with a smile and a hot meal. This was simply a smile on her face because she saw that the little light on our router had come on to say Internet was being pumped into the house.

Sure enough it was. With a little poking about, a few settings to be set, and the wifi was kicked into all it's glorious life. Within a few short hours I had updated the xbox 360 to the latest version of the dashboard and set up a sky player account.

It's good to be connected to the real world again, it was really starting to look like we would never get broadband in the place.

The rest of the world is covering this whole Ireland/France/Fifa debacle in much better detail than I could. Mainly because the sport I enjoy watching allows the players to use their hands( Henry, probably thought you were watching the wrong game) and use an egg shaped ball. But I will throw this little tit bit out on The Bauble.

It's clear that Fifa are looking at this whole thing from a money angle. Henry has said he touched the ball, there is video evidence from a dozen angles that shows it, a number of eye witnesses right beside the event, an entire country (Sweden) condemning the referee team for making two massive blunders within seconds of each other, 95% of the French people surveyed saying that they won by foul play and it shouldn't stand and now a French Minister has said that the match should be replayed.

But at the end of the day it is boiling down to money. Fifa are using their mother's apron to hide from doing the right thing, quoting "Law 5" (which states that a ref's word is final and can't be questioned) despite it being questioned in 2006 which led to a replay after a ref allowed something that shouldn't have been allowed. The French team are clearly just hiding, as none of them have stood up to admit fault, so it falls to Fifa, the governing body of the sport, to sort everything out.

If the role was reversed, if Ireland had handled that ball and won by those means, this rant wouldn't contain this entry. Instantly Fifa would have called for a replay (and rightly so, your country going through to the world cup can't be tarnished by cheating no matter who you are) but then it would have boiled down to money again.

At the end of the day Fifa stand to make more money by having France in the tournament than Ireland. It is a sad, sad, fact of life, that in this day and age money is more important than doing the right thing.

Some kid somewhere is going to watch the outcome of this entire story and grow up thinking that it is okay to cheat, just as long as you don't get called on it. Caught, sure (a dozen cameras) but so long as nobody tells you off or makes you do the right thing it's fine.

Ah well, such is life.


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=^-^= | Fri, 20 Nov 09 10:25:30 +0000

Xlnt - can we have that chronicle now please? :P

Me | Fri, 20 Nov 09 10:28:02 +0000

Hurrah! Bring on the Chronciles

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