The Worrying Mother


It is the weekend and since I now have broadband in the apartment I figured I would have a little rant about something. This rant is about how insane my mother can be at times.

Mothers worry, that's what mothers do. They have kids and then spend the rest of their lives worrying about those kids until death claims one of the parties involved in the worrying. The funny thing is what they worry about. Or to be more precise how they worry.

My mother falls into the category of "Worst Case Scenario" worrying. It isn't safe to play on the road because you might be abducted by a van full of peadophiles and gang raped to death. Not because you might get knocked down by a car, no, you get kidnapped and gang raped by a bunch of peados.

Or when I was in the scouts and went camping, be sure to lock the tents from the inside because otherwise you will be eaten by bears.


In Ireland.


My favourite was this weekend. I gave the mother figure a phonecall, the general check in and keep in touch sort of thing that they all love so much, and she asked what the plans for the night were. Myself and the lady friend had plans to go ice-skating (which sadly didn't happened due to some false advertising on part of the company) so I told her this. The worrying mother kicked in and says:

"Oh be careful on the ice you will fall and break your leg and end up in hospital."

Not: Have fun.

Not: Oh that should be nice.

Don't fall and break your leg.

Gotta love the worrying mother.

Never got around to coding the new little gallery feature I want to, but that can wait, no made rush on getting that finished.

So far I have also hit my word target every night this week bar one. Not bad going if I do say so myself. It might not be absolutely brilliant but it at least is getting written.


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Pablo | Mon, 23 Nov 09 13:16:34 +0000

Probably the best gallery out there. Handy enough if that's what you're looking for, but so far you seem to be home brewing everything. Then again, every good coder knows, if someone else has done it before, "integrate" (not copy, that's wrong) it.

blue_jester | Mon, 23 Nov 09 14:03:29 +0000

Yea did consider that, but I use The Bauble as an excuse to practice code and figure out how to do things from scratch (ergo the home brewing of all the various bits and bobs). Helps me learn by building from first principals (besides the new feature is just an album cover idea nothing super fancy).

Copying is wrong? Crap I better go and stop that dvd farm I have before somebody tells extra-vision on me ;)

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