No Drive


I have a serious lack of drive to do any work today. It started yesterday, actually, and seems to have fully carried over into today. Doesn't help that I am nursing a small migraine and there is some cold floating around the office (so far four people are out with it) and I think I might have caught it.

Then again I am a stubborn bastard when it comes to being sick. Unless the illness actually forces me to bed I will sit in a cubicle and sneeze and cough rather than let the thing get the better of me.

Ain't no man-flu on me, let me tell you.

The old rule of thumb the mother figure used in the past was "If he isn't eating then he is really sick".

Which sort of makes me out to be some sort of fat bastard. This is not true I tell you. Not true! I proud of the doughy physique God gave me.

So I am hoping by having a little rant while I drink a nice cuppa will some how kick start me into action for today. But then again it might not.

In writing news I have finished the first chapter of my new book. Wrote the entire thing in a week, it's eighteen pages long and over six thousand words. Of course it needs some work done to it, nobody writes a perfect first draft no matter who they are, but the overall product isn't half bad.

"But what about the old book?" I hear you ask.

That has gone through it's first full rewrite and is now sitting on the shelf for a few rounds. Before going back to it again I need to not have it so fresh in my mind, to ensure that any changes I make in the next draft are good ones and that I don't just skim over sections.

I have also had a few new ideas for some new jokes to go into my comedy set, so I will probably getting cracking on that sometime over the weekend and start looking at getting some more gigs with a brand new set.


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