Holidays Are Coming


Now, some might read that as an early announcement that Christmas is on the way but let me assure you that it just isn't the case.

Well, not entirely.

The title of this rant is in direct relation to my personal holidays coming up, holidays from work.

It is no big secret that I am sort of fed up in my current place of employ for a number of reasons (which I won't go listing here because I am afraid that I might just end up eating up all the space on the Internets). It also appears that I have somehow reached the end of the year with sixteen holiday days left to take. So being the lazy bastard that I am I booked a large section of December off work.

From the 13th of December until the 6th of January I will be out of this place and not giving it a seconds thought.

I can't wait.

In this time I will probably get a lot more writing done, unwind from the daily work crap, spend time with loved ones over the holiday know basically enjoy life without dreading the alarm clock going off to inform me it is time to once more join the rat race.

I even plan to start more drawing (which has suffered a little of late) to work on getting a proper style together. Although now there are two reasons for this, one to improve my skills and two because somebody said my style for the comic I submitted recently wasn't worth going on the site.

If I was a little be younger I might have cried.

A bit more than I did.

Bastards, there is always somebody willing to shit all over your happiness isn't there.

Well I don't care, I managed to get a guest strip drawn and coloured (and admitted on this very site that I wasn't happy with the end result) while being snowed under with work and starting a new book (as in writing one, not just reading). I make no apologies for the poor style it was drawn in but until I see something submitted by the complainer I don't care.

End of.

I got something accepted by somebody whose work I enjoy and that is a big deal for me. Crappy drawing style and all.

I am also battling with Microsoft at the minute. Or to be more precise Windows XP and Media Center. It's a long battle (one which I will detail here when I am declared victorious) but let me say that at this present moment in time the only problem I am having is changing a "0" to a "1" and not having XP shit itself on reboot.

Honest to God, sometimes it's like Microsoft wants me to do these things, just to prove them wrong.


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