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See...told you I would get back to that cliff hanger of a topic from yesterday. Yes indeed I did go and make a popsicle that nobody would ever want near their mouth.

Hell I didn't even want to do it in the first place.

But it was all for the greater good. Said good being a free Medical Check that I had on the cards today. Paid for by the job (see, finally something useful from working here for three years. Now about that pay...).

In fact it will probably be one of the last medical checks the company pays for, since we got told recently that the company which bought us out do not offer such a service. So I guess it was good to get it done while the going was still good.

The testing was actually pretty good and covered everything. Blood, vision, ECG. I even got an x-ray on my chest to make sure the old ticker was still working. All in all it was an interesting two hours, with the results due in two weeks to tell me that I am fit as a fiddle.

Although I was told I have the lungs of a twenty-eight year old, which is a little unsettling since I am twenty-seven and don't smoke.

Ah well, what can ya do.

Worst part of the entire thing was the blood. I have a phobia of needles, I always have. I hate them, more so than just people who hate needles. I can watch a guy be tore limb from limb in a zombie movie, but see somebody on telly needing an injection and they show it...forget about it.

Luckily the doc that took the blood was a rugby fan. So he got into an in depth conversation about the Ireland-England match just played in order to distract while the needle went in.

It didn't work, but I appreciated the effort nonetheless.

The funniest part of the tests was when I was doing the sight test and the doctor told me to read as far down the board as I could. After I read every letter on the board she asked me to step back and do it again, finally declaring that my eyesight is above normal (which is something I knew anyway but I always like to mess with doctors when I get the chance).

I guess that means I can be an even more discreet stalker. I can save money by not having to buy binoculars, my eyesight will do just fine.

Nothing suspicious about a man sitting in a bush watching a house with no binoculars, right?


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