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No, I am not redoing The Bauble (despite actually considering it a few weeks ago until the lady friend reminded me of the hassle that was caused last overhaul). I am working on that t-shirt store site finally.

Or at least starting to work on it.

I have the graphics done (although being me I wouldn't mind taking another stab at them just to try out a new idea) and I have the layout all planned. I even have a little notepad that has all the placement of the various elements. All I need to do is start writing the actual code.

This site will be maintained by myself and my brother (who comes up with the majority of the design ideas). The plan is I will code it, he will update it more regularly than I and we shall see what happens. I have even set up a twitter account for the new site (so be prepared to have another person to follow real soon).

We have a few designs ready and waiting to be uploaded and I have a store account set up with Zazzle which can apparently just be dropped into any website. I like this idea (assuming it does what it says on the tin) because it means the store will look like it is part of the site.

Just keeping the look and feel of everything nice and not disjointed.

It shouldn't take all that long to get the site up and running. If I managed to get Shortie's Stories going in two days this should be easily ready in a week. Or at least up and running with one or two bits to follow after I make it all go on the Internet.

Anyway I have a cold, so that rant was a bit ramble-like. But at least I managed to ramble about one topic and now a few disconnected ones.

Now for lemsip, come here you paracetamol whore you.


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