Stupid Cold, It Ain't No Manflu


I don't do manflu, I just don't! Anybody that knows me knows that I hate being sick to the point that if I am sick I generally plow straight through it and get annoyed with my body for being weak.


The mother used to know when I was really sick because it meant meals didn't get eaten and I barely moved. Stupid weak body!!!


Since I have been getting migraines for about sixteen years now and can function more or less alright with them I figure that something like a cold has to be easier to manage. That and I hate being sick because you just end up laying about but too tired to enjoy the lack of having nothing to do.

The long and the short of this ramble is I have a cold and it is annoying the hell out of me. It began as nothing then built into something causing pain in my back and shoulders. Even the lady friend said last night it was funny to watch me, because I looked sick and miserable and annoyed that I was walking about sniffing.

But what is the point of this rant? Well I worked from home yesterday to try and nip the cold in the bud and I was accused of having manflu.


The bastards.

Rather than calling in and saying "I'm dying, I won't be in!" I did the nice thing and worked from home. That's dedication to the job (despite the fact that the job doesn't reward dedication. Should have just called in sick).

All I know is my body better heal up damn fast because I don't want to be sick next week when I take a few days off. Plus the lady friend is returning home for the weekend so I am loosing the best nurse in the land.

I will have to make my own Lemsip Max Strength :|


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