Few Days Off


Ah you just can't beat having a few days off work. It is indeed a glorious time. For starters you are not in work and who doesn't like that?

More to the point I won't be back in work until Monday. So I have a nice long and lazy few days ahead of me. I even managed to catch up on some projects.

Writing is flying ahead once again. Chapter Eleven nearly completed and ready to be added to the pile of chapters that need a rewrite.

I got some painting done yesterday and am liking how this work is going much more than the previous one (which I am filing under "utter shite").

I even managed to update some inner workings of The Bauble to make displaying images that little bit easier. So here are a few more snaps from the canvas as it currently stands. Taken on a camera phone yet again because I am too lazy to go and get the proper camera, but I will get up off my backside eventually.

Both Bulls
Both Bulls, now with eyes painted.

Red Eye
Red eye.

Blue eye
Blue eye.


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