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After one or ten hiccups the site tweaking from the weekend is over. Assuming that nothing else explodes that I haven't thought of.

Not entirely sure what happened to it yesterday to be honest. I did no code changes and no code uploads but was emailed saying that folks couldn't see the site. All they got was a blank page. Which was weird, but that's fixed now it seems so fingers crossed nothing else strange happens.

The tweaks that I was making were not even major ones. A typo here, a small bit of formatting there. One problem that I hit was I have a section of code that is never meant to go live. It is for testing things on the laptop, so that I can see how it all looks before making the changes a permanent thing on The Bauble. Stupidly I uploaded the wrong file yesterday and when it went live everyone maybe have gotten an email or twitter update saying there was a new entry up.

Which there wasn't

You have to love computers when they do things like that. Forget "Terminator" I reckon computers will take over the world by a much more peaceful approach. There won't be guns and killer robots walking about the planet. People will just be getting Facebook status updates made on their behave by the server, saying things like "She likes it up the bum bum!". They will take over the world without firing a shot.

No painting snaps for today, didn't get any painting done yesterday and I am waiting for the current paints to dry before getting back to it. I had to move the easel in the apartment because the sunlight coming from behind was misleading when I painted. Turns out some sections have not got nearly as much paint on them as they should.

In writing news chapter eleven draws to a close today. This will now mark the official first time that the story has gotten this far. This is a story, that one of my mates will confirm with much swearing, that I have been working on for about ten years. Pesky things like The Leaving Cert, College Exams, Work, they all sort of got in the way of writing it. That and a few dozen computer viruses (because I was a Windows head back in the day) and one out and out system failure (when I thought backups were something that happened to other people) all added to constant restarts of this book.

But as of today I have pushed through that 'wall' that has plagued this book for years.

So keep an eye out in all good retailers :)

In my dreams ;)


Fran | Tue, 23 Mar 10 17:42:11 +0000

Hmmm, you've made it to Chapter 11 of how many chapters? That's like saying "I'm a black-belt". In which martial art? Which style? Which dan?

blue_jester | Tue, 23 Mar 10 20:24:26 +0000

Well it's plotted out for twenty chapters, so that would be a better description of the situation right? I am a black belt in some obscure martial art that you have never heard of :P

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