The Glorious Fool


Today is April Fool's day and you just know that The Jester likes this day. A day where you are required to prank people? Come on, that's like Jester Christmas!

Now, today, I was gotten by the lady friend who played on my good nature with this and I will admit that I was gotten fair and square.

Of course this could not stand, so I planned my revenge. See today just happens to be the day that the company I work for shut up shop as it was acquired (trust me I now know the meaning of that word after the two hour meeting we just had, it wasn't a merger it was an acquisition) by another company.

After the meeting, before I fully lost the will to live, I decided to prank the lady friend. I told her over chat that the meeting had been shit. That the new company has a group that does the exact same role as the group I currently work in and that they had given us a sixty day notice of work termination. I laid it on thick. In fact I laid it on so thick that she started to curse with worry, something that she never does. Curse that is, not worry.

Anyhow after a few minutes of this I figured I had my fun and owned up that it was an April Fool.

However I get told "April fools is dead and gone your the fool that carried it on" because it was past midday.

This point I argued, having no idea what the hell she was talking about. There is no time limit on April Fool's!

Supposedly you cannot do an April Fool after noon. I sought clarification on the rule and was given this link. Reading through the article it turns out that yes, it is true, you can't do a prank after noon.

In the United Kingdom.

But the very next line says that in Ireland the pranks can go on all day.

Now, last time I checked I was living in Ireland, born in Ireland and on the landmass that is Ireland. It is true that the lady friend was born in the North, which would count as the UK, so she had the correct form of the rule but just applied it in the wrong situation.

So how do you decide it? One person has grown up with one rule, another has grown up with a different rule and both are currently living and working in the land that the second rule is valid in. Being a person that likes to win I was adamant that the Ireland rule was the one we were using. Being a person that hates to lose, herself was claiming the UK rule.

I reckon we can call it a draw, just to put an end to the madness. Anyone else what to wade in on it?


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Kieran Carney | Fri, 02 Apr 10 19:13:47 +0100

In the UK, It's before midday. We're in Ireland so Irish rule counts as i would with the legal system. Shortie you're wrong this time!


blue_jester | Sun, 04 Apr 10 19:13:43 +0100

I like it Kieran, that may have just earned you a pint :)

Shortie | Tue, 06 Apr 10 10:01:50 +0100

But its the rule I grew up with so how was I to know, I reckon we call it a draw with this one.....

blue_jester | Tue, 06 Apr 10 15:52:48 +0100

Not wanting to be a full on Republican Pedantic here, but you grew up in Ireland :P Just not in the Republic bit ;)

Danni | Tue, 06 Apr 10 16:52:18 +0100

So call it a draw, agree to disagree...she still pranked your first. She wins!!!!!

Shortie | Tue, 06 Apr 10 16:58:20 +0100

I like your style Danni!

blue_jester | Tue, 06 Apr 10 17:10:42 +0100

no no no no no, that isn't how this works. I will concede a draw but her winning I think not. Shut your pie hole williams and do some work :D

George | Wed, 07 Apr 10 13:36:58 +0100

Shortie your a spanner if you think thats style :)!!!!

George | Wed, 07 Apr 10 13:39:37 +0100

Well said blue jester!

Kieran Carney | Wed, 07 Apr 10 13:44:28 +0100

At the risk of losing that pint -Shortie wins first prank, but Jester's is still valid and overall a way better prank on the day earning more points... Yet again shortie - you lose!

blue_jester | Wed, 07 Apr 10 13:49:53 +0100

Oh this is awesome a small flame war on my little site :)

I like that thinking Kieran, mine was overall the better prank that will make that pint nice and secure now :D

timmy | Wed, 07 Apr 10 16:37:36 +0100

good man jester put williams in her box!she must have nothing to do i wonder where her boss is if she has no work to do??

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