It took a little hard work and a lot of stupid testing of tiny variations to code but I finally got it going. The Bauble now has nice looking links for the rants.

I learned more about regular expressions, web browser caches, hell website creation as a whole than I had ever wanted to learn. All just to make something that looks a little nicer than some random strings of letters and numbers in the url. But it's been done, or at least is working in a capacity that I am happy enough with. I have one minor thing that I would like to tweak but it is no big deal for the minute. Baby steps and all that crap.

On the upside I know reckon I can implement this little trick throughout the site and not just for the rants, but there is no real need to go to all that work. Just yet at any rate.

Always tweaking and learning I am.

There is of course always the upside to learning new stuff, I can use it for another project. I figured it would be worth having the t-shirt store use this nice looking url trick. Nobody needs to know what random number a t-shirt design is going to be, what they would like to see is the title of the shirt in their url.

So it wasn't fully time wasted adding something to The Bauble that either should have been there from the start or wasn't really needed to begin with.


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