On Yer Bike


Ah the feel of the wind on your face, that rhythmic sound of pedal and wheel on bike path, that strange sensation that your ass really doesn't like your saddle.

It's good to be back on the open road :)

Since the doc gave the old ticker the all clear I have been looking at getting back into shape. The running was one option, but one thing about that is you have to find time for it. Since time is a precious commodity these days what with work and all that could have been a tricky feat.

But, to the rescue, is the morning commute. Sure the dart is a fine way to travel. In among the other public folk, trying to avoid that drunkard who has just wet himself at half eight in the morning, who wouldn't want that sort of life. But that is only walking and sure how fit can you get with some walking really?

Enter the bike.

I picked up a new one over the weekend with the intention of cycling into and home from work. If ever there was a good indication of how unfit I have gotten over the years this was it.

There was a time that I used to be able to cycle from Lucan into my summer job at Summerhill Garage and not have even worked up a sweat. I could do it in just under an hour as well if I really pushed myself.

Today was the first time I had been on a bike in a long while and it showed. My butt just did not like the saddle at all and the muscles in my legs were trying to remember how to work pedals and also commit suicide from the work at the same time.

Having said that it was an enjoyable ride in. Bike lane all of the way from Raheny to the office more or less. I even managed the trip in half an hour, which I was more than pleased with because I wasn't even really pushing myself all that hard. Plus I did not become a hypocrite bike boy and run through ever red light that I say. I stopped and waited, like you are meant to.

Leading by example and all that. Or is it practice what you preach?

Either way I won't be going gungho back into the bike just yet while the heart gets used to actually doing hard work again. Every other day should build up the old bike skills no problemo.


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