All Set


Comedy gig approaches and practice time gets smaller.

That's right folks, coming to Sheehan's Pub, just off Grafton street, this Tuesday, April 13th, The Jester once again takes to the stage to live and die by his material.

This will be my first (hopefully not last) heat for Comedy Dublin's 2010 contest. I have a new set all written, with all new jokes bar the closer (not out of being lazy but because it sort of fitted in well with the rest of the set).

I've had a shot at performing the new stuff to a small crowd and I have the material wedged nice and firmly in the soup that is my brain. Been driving to and from places looking like a mad man as I spoke to myself, reciting the lines over and over and over.

Will it work on the night? Who knows. But sure isn't that half the fun of it. As per usual I don't think my material is nearly as good as the lady friend does, but as always I am my own worst critic.

In other news Chapter Thirteen ( of twenty chapters Fran before you decide to claim ambiguity again ) has been completed. Story is coming to a close now. I have seven more chapters plotted out but I might finish it in six, we shall have to see.

Also for those interested in purchasing some non-PC apparel, why not nip over to Zazzle and get yourself this fine item. Once time permits I will be adding a store section to The Bauble for any t-shirts that I design based on my own ideas. A few samples have been shown in the gallery (which is still offline, because I have totally forgotten to fix it) and some folks have been wondering how they can get their hands on them. So I put up one the other night, just to see how easy it was.

I have mentioned already that a site fully dedicated to selling t-shirts is on the cards with myself and my brother, so any designs that come from jokes he thought up won't be available on The Bauble. But once I get that store going I will be linking and advertising accordingly.

Once I get the store page fully going I will upload one or two more shirts and then folks can have a look.

But I can do other things as well. Mugs? Mousemats? Come on, who wouldn't want to be seen drinking from a Bauble mug?


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Kieran Carneyo ou kniw who you're up against | Mon, 12 Apr 10 00:57:17 +0100

Looking forward to seeing it on Tuesday. Do you know who you're up against?

blue_jester | Mon, 12 Apr 10 09:25:35 +0100

No don't know who else is in the heat, I should probably check that out. See who needs to be knee-capped and who I can frame for material stealing :D It's a cut throat gig these days.

Be good to see ya, been a while. You need to get back into the comedy :)

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