Always Busy


It never seems to stop. There is just something constantly cropping up that fills the days and weeks and in the blink of an eye you are booked up for weeks on end. I thought it might get a little quiet after this weekend.

The lil sister had her big party, turning that grand old age of twenty-one (we hates the youth we do) and all the family were around for celebrations. For once the night went off without a hitch.

Anyone that has been reading The Bauble for a few years might recall that at her debs all hell broke loose and the poor sis had a grand total of fifteen minutes fun before spending the rest of the night at the hospital with her date while he had his face fixed. So I was kinda hoping that the gods would be on top form and give her one big event in her life to date that went off without a hitch. Bar one minor event that could have ruined it all she had a fantastic night and it was great to see her really enjoy herself.

Now, that that little subplot is over, back to the topic at hand. See this week was busy. I have the gig tomorrow (new material, let's see how she fares) and that means that Monday night will have a little practice session. Then Thursday is the actual birthday of the sister, so we are having a small family dinner for that. Which meant that Wednesday and Friday should have been empty.

But nope, the gods like to keep me on my toes. I got a phone call about a second round interview with a company. They had asked me to sit a tech interview/exam about a week ago and I was really confused. After I submitted my answers I was reading over the questions and came to two conclusions. Either I had known all the answers and did fantastic or I had known none of the answers and did shite. It was that clear cut.

Turns out I must have done alright if they are looking for a face to face. So now all that has to happen is for something to crop up that takes over my Friday and we can continue on our merry way of being busy all the time.

I think I have forgotten what it's like to have nothing on. Bet it was nice.

Just for the day that is in it as well I figured I would just give this a little mention. Those that know know what day of the year it is, so kindly join me in a nod of the head to the mate upstairs. That's it, nothing more being said on that.

Over and out.


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Ronnie | Tue, 13 Apr 10 12:40:25 +0100

Nod. That is all.

Danni | Tue, 13 Apr 10 13:42:22 +0100

Good look with the face to face

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