Top Of The Heat


No, that isn't some fancy pants way of saying I am randy. I would just say that I am randy. That title refers to the fact that last night I went through to the next round of the Comedy Dublin contest for 2010.

That's right folks, straight on through to the other side. Just like the song says. I entered the contest in 2008 and didn't get past round one. While it is true that I managed to appear in a later round that was due to a person having dropped out and a spot needing to be filled.

But this time round it is me that is filling a spot from the get go.

I wasn't all that pleased with my set before going on and having performed and survived I know what needs a little tweaking. For starters the Cold Open didn't work at all and it took a while to get my first chuckle from the crowd. Another joke just fell flat on its face and only one person seemed to find it funny. So these things need to be improved upon and worked on.

Since the Cold Open didn't work I had a slight panic and sped up the first few bits to get to a punchline that should get me a laugh. This was picked up on by one of my mates in the crowd, who said it seemed a little rushed.

It was, I felt like I was dying on my arse.

Once I found my groove it was plain sailing from there on out. Laughs, groans of disgust, a closer that I know works well enough. Overall a good gig.

Then came the voting and announcements of who won. Who would get through to the next round. I would have been happy with third place, second was a little beyond what I wanted, but somehow I managed first. Which is great.

Got to talking with some of the judges after the show. One commented on how I seemed much more confident and relaxed on the stage this time than I had at the last gig he saw me perform, which was over a year ago. So that's good, I must be getting my comedy legs finally after those rocky seas of starting out.

Now to fix up the material, tweak and tune it as needed, practice it and get it ready for the next round. There was a video taken of last night but I need to trim a few minutes off the start before I upload it (sorry Mark, as great an MC as you were we can't be having you hog video time :D ). Once that's done I will upload and point at the right spot as usual.

Plus big congratulations to all the others that made it through and even those that just took part.


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jm91509 | Thu, 15 Apr 10 10:03:54 +0100

nice one! Maybe I should go see you some time... :)

blue_jester | Thu, 15 Apr 10 14:06:27 +0100

Your Sun ID? Really, you need to get a new name for the web my friend :) Sure the next round is in May, on a Tuesday. Not sure which yet but we have a one in four chance of picking the right one. Come along to that, every vote helps ;)

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