Ash Friday


Oh come on, you all knew somebody was going to make that pun. Plus, I bet I am not the first person to say it today. Does it count as being blasphemous I wonder? Probably should look into that, just in case a fine is headed my way.

Despite the supposedly crazy cloud that is passing over Europe today is actually a fantastically sunny day. This coming from me, a self professed lover of all thinks cold and dark and night like. I guess that a certain lady must be having an effect on me to change my views on the weather so.

After a bit of a hectic week I finally managed to get back on the bike for the ride into work this morning. Little by little my body seems to be remembering all those old skills it used to have in my youth. The saddle is no longer causing me pain, my legs don't feel as sore after the pedal. Hell I can even pedal continuously now without it bringing on any real discomfort.

Plus what a morning to cycle to work on. I have started to come in along what is called the "Coast Road" which is a nice little scenic route. Coupled with the bright day it is an overall very enjoyable little jont into work. Of course being the perpetual moaner that I am I would gladly not be riding into work. But you can't have it all now can you.

Little up from the book side of things, chapter fourteen has now been brought to a close. I also made some minor changes to the plot outline that I have been working from, scrapping an entire chapter that was no longer needed and changing the ordering of the last five (instead of six) chapters. Should have a first draft ready soon enough.

Then onto the rewrites.

But let's finish this rant on a high note. It's Friday and my god it seemed like this week was going to go on forever. Longest week of the year, it has to be.

Bring on the weekend.


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p | Fri, 16 Apr 10 18:44:31 +0100

wait til the true summer kicks in, then its all soggy pants and saddle rash! and never mind the poxy weekend, i'm in work, boo hoo.

blue_jester | Mon, 19 Apr 10 20:07:55 +0100

That is a visual that I did not need. Honest to god :|

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