Ash, Ash, Berlin


I reckon if you imagine that incestuous gay twin act that was on X-Factor singing that title you will have it stuck in your head all day.

Just saying.

Now, there is a minor problem coming up. See this Friday myself and the lady friend are meant to be flying to Berlin for a few days. Sadly a volcano decided it was time to remind the world that Mother Nature has the biggest, baddest and best hissy fits in the world.

Mainly because it is the world.

So there is now a huge cloud of ash being pumped up and over Europe and the world of air travel has pretty much ground (pun slightly intended) to a halt. Nothing is flying in the skies except for some birds who will no doubt now have severe lung cancer.

It's crazy and slightly impressive at the same time. Nothing and nobody is prepared for an event of this scale because the last time it happened was apparently 1812 and airplanes hadn't really taken off (oh puntastic) then.

I have mates stranded all over the world now as well, from Oz to the States. There is even one who is "stranded" at home in Dublin, although I think their definition of the word "stranded" needs to be updated or put into the right context. Ya ain't really stranded if you are in your home town and your folks have your bedroom now, are ya? You are if you live in Poland and haven't been able to fly home for the last week.

But the downer will be if we, myself and the lady, don't get to head off to Berlin on Friday. She has really been looking forward to it. Then again, who knows, maybe something will happen between now and then that makes flying a possibility. If not we can always just go at a later date, but that is the logistical thinker in me viewing the problem. Herself is a bit more on the gutted side, since she had been looking forward to the trip for a while now.

On the plus side at least we don't loose out fully on the trip. We can reschedule the flights no problemo, so worse case scenario is we go at a slightly later date and loose a deposit on the accommodation.

I reckon we can all pull together though. So everyone that reads this, go outside, look up at the sky, and blow really hard. Every little helps :)


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