Fill Me, Drill Me


I can't feel the left side of my face, the cheek area to be precise. This isn't because I am not touching it, or myself.

That sounded dirty :D.

No it is because I am just back from the dentist. My mouth now contains the first of two fillings that the old teeth needed. To be honest I was less than impressed with this entire adventure.

For starters I take good care of my teeth. I rarely miss a morning/nightly brush and never have had any trouble with them before. The last time I visited a dentist he noticed that my wisdom teeth were coming up at a strange angle. You could almost see his eyes turn into money signs. He was delighted. Both of the bottom ones would have to go. A few months later it turned out that while the teeth did come up at strange angles, they didn't cause any pain or hassle for the other teeth.

You could almost see that second house he was thinking of buying disappear in a poof of smoke over his head.

This new dentist isn't too bad though. While I still think he was just generating a job during the recession the whole filling situation wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Supposedly this is down to the fact that my teeth are actually in good nick and there was very little drilling needed to get away the bad stuff.

He was even good with the needle. I barely felt it going in (as anybody who knows me will attest I am not the biggest fan of needles :|). So that is the first one in place. Next one is due in at the end of next month.

Now, because of that title, I am in the mood to listen to some U2. Funny how the brain works.


Tags: rant

p | Wed, 21 Apr 10 18:39:13 +0100

ah, u2, hold me drill me kiss me kill me as the old tune goes. my dentaist told me the same shit about my teeth, but theyve been in good nick since i stopped going to the money grubbin sadist, bit o sensodyne and plug the cavities with toffee, its truly a winner.*

*above comments may be inaccurate.

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