Round 2


Just got an email about the next round of the comedy contest. It will be in Sheehan's again on May 4th. Everyone can expect to be getting the usual text to get your arse into the show.

Looks like the rules are the same for this round as they were for the previous one. Seven minute set. Not entirely sure if you are meant to change it or just run with what you had before. I have a few jokes that I am going to tweak from the set that I used in the last round. Truth be told it would have been nice to have it at a later stage in the month. I have too much other stuff happen over the last two weeks to get any real comedy time at home.

Plus next weekend is a long weekend but already most of it is booked with family related things. So that really only leaves these weekdays and the Monday of next week. Cutting things a little tight yet again.

Little site news now. It appears an interesting bug crept into The Bauble after some minor updates. Oddly enough it only effected people that use Internet Explorer. Go figure, the world's most annoying browser being the only one that caught the problem. All is fixed now though so anybody that was seeing the issue shouldn't anymore.

Although if you were why didn't you let me know? I only found out by accident the other day :). Guess I need to go back to the old "Test on Everything Before Uploading Anything" method of things again.

Had that tech interview as well today. It went alright. Some really annoying questions on the theory side of things. Like listing the differences between PHP 4 and 5. You had to tick the valid options. I am not that much of a tech head to be honest and blunt about it. I don't read all the articles and sites that most proper tech heads read to keep up to speed on these things, but what can you do?

The technical part was easy enough, except I ran out of time tracking down a stupid bug in my code because of a typo I had made. Ah you have to love that sort of thing. Should hear back in a week if I get another interview with them or not, so it's a waiting game for the minute.


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Dani | Fri, 30 Apr 10 14:48:22 +0100

Hey Hey, I've been getting a few people to go to your gig on Tuesday. Looking forward to it. See you then :)

blue.jester | Fri, 30 Apr 10 15:23:40 +0100

Excellent, that way I won't feel so bad having a dozen people there that have seen my set already lol :D

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