Tag, Rant's It!


You can always tell when I am doing a little bit of work on the site. The week (or weeks) leading up to the a new feature usually see less entires going up. I think last week had exactly one rant and that was about the comedy contest.

But look what the end result was, I finally have bothered my arse to add categories/topics/tags/insert-other-type-here to the rants.

Yes, yes, yes wordpress did this already, I don't care. I enjoy doing the site myself and coming up with ways of doing these things.

There really isn't much to the new feature, each rant will have a tag assigning it to a bunch of other rants. Some will have more than one tag, others will have just the one. You might find that there are a large number of them that just have the tag rant from anything before April 2010.

Come on, four years worth of rants and you want them to be properly filed and categorized? Not likely. If folks do see rants that they reckon should fall under another heading by all means let me know and I will add the tag in. But going forward I will try and use proper tags per entry, rather than just rant.

Although that is such a handy option.

Also if you have some desire to purchase strange attire there are a few new designs up at the store. More on the way as well. I have two in the sketch pad and one being designed now, all in the name of having something funny to wear.


Me | Thu, 13 May 10 10:12:47 +0100

I really like the Fok Yu T shirt!

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