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After a little bit of waiting (a bit longer than usual for some reason) my new shirt design arrived in the post. Maybe it took a little longer because it was a dark shirt that got printed on, they do say that it can take five days to print on dark material. But the shipping date was at least two weeks ago, according to the email, and other shirts have appeared on my desk in work a lot faster than two weeks.

But who cares, the shirt is here so I have yet another self designed piece of insulting artwork to wear about the place.

The Shirt Design
The Shirt Design

Overall I am happy enough with the way the design turned out. The colours look good and the ink that was used during the printing process is nice and bright. Has a good rough feel to it as well. This is the first dark shirt I have ordered so results wise it turned out alright.

Have a look for yourself

Close Up Of The Shirt
Close Up Of The Shirt

This is also the first shirt that I have ordered as part of the bits and pieces available in the store. As such I have the logo on the back of it, just to see how it would turn out.

The Company Logo
The Company Logo

I think the logo itself is fine, but sadly the printing area on the shirts is a little limited. I selected to have it as close to the collar as I could but it sort of seems to be just sitting on the back of the shirt. It looks fine and the print work was grand, just the position of it is a little displeasing. What I might do is redesign the shirts to have the logo on the front, but try and not take up a huge amount of space so that the main design isn't taken away from. It might be something as simple as having a tiny little logo at the bottom of each picture. We shall see.

Maybe I will do away with having the logo on the items altogether, but then you run the risk of somebody stealing (ha ha, as if :D) the design and passing it off as there own.

Guess I have a little bit more work to do on the store front.

Actually I know I have some work to do. I need to tinker a little with how I display the items to folks. But a plan of action is in progress, have no fear on that front.


The All Seeing | Thu, 20 May 10 12:16:00 +0100

I can't help but think that you provided not one but two (including a very close up shot) of your fine artwork as a sly way of repeatedly giving the finger to everyone without us noticing......

If I'm right I want a gold star.... :)

blue_jester | Thu, 20 May 10 12:42:26 +0100

Very astute indeed I had not even thought of that. So no gold star, but points for trying :D

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