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So the other day the lady friend handed me a copy of "Sh*t My Dad Says!" by Justin Halpern. For those that don't know it is a book based off a Twitter account.

In fact I think it might be the first of its kind, a book that began life as a Twitter update.

There is history of the account all over the web, so you can go and look into it in more detail than I will go into here. Basically it is a hilarious account based on the strange utterances a twenty-something writer has with his father figure. Some of them are pure gems.

Anyway, the lady friend got me this little gift as a reward for getting into the semis of the comedy contest. She figured that I had done extremely well in her books and it warranted a little something. Hence, book.

See I talk about the Twitter updates with her regularly. They are just worth sharing and being the awesome gal that she is she figured the book would be something that I would be into.

Man was it. It's a short book, sitting in at about one hundred and fifty seven pages total, and I had the first hundred read before going to bed last night. The rest was finished during lunch today. I read a lot of comedy books and comedy blogs but it is rare for me to laugh out loud while reading a book.

Nearly every page of this book had me laughing. It is an interesting mix of the Tweets and some little short stories about various conversations he has had with his father over the years. If you are looking for something to cheer yourself up, or even just for a good laugh, get this book. You can thank me later.


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