Rotten Dentist


This morning I went for the second of my fillings. Those that read The Bauble may recall that I recently went down to the dentist for a cleaning, never having any trouble with my teeth for the twenty seven years I have had them (alright I know you loose them at some point but who really keeps track of all that).

After that cleaning I got told I had to have two fillings. Which I just saw as a Recession Money Spinner but said fair enough, if he thinks they are needed then let's do it.

The second one went in this morning, with major problems. It turns out that while he drilled in through the top of the tooth there was more to be drilled from the side. End result, I got a filling that looks like an 'L' when showed up on an x-ray.

How do I know it looks like an 'L' on an x-ray? Well, because I had to get an x-ray done this morning to see what had caused the side decay.

Lo and behold, more money spinning. My wisdom teeth, two little bastards that have never given me an ounce of trouble since they appeared on the scene, suddenly both need to be removed.



Not to mention that I need a third filling now on the other side of my mouth. It's a bloody money racket.

So now I have to trundle off and find some cash in order to get the pair of them bad boys removed. Have I mentioned lately that my job doesn't really pay me enough to have funds left over after paying the bills? So on a good month I just about break even after doing NOTHING but work and pay bills. Ah all that advice about going to college and getting a degree means you get a good paying job. My advice is that's bullshit :D


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