Terrible Thursday


You know the drill by now, I get migraines. I have done for coming close on fifteen years now. Fifteen years seems a long time to some people when they hear it. They ask the same question every time: "And there is nothing the doctor's can do for you?"

The answer seems to never change from a flat out no. You hear of all the wonder drugs, the needles jabbed into your head, all that crap. But nothing seems to work. Something works for a short while then the body figures out what is going on and boom, back to square one.

Yesterday the migraines decided that they had been feeling a little left out. They wanted to pop up and say hello.

Seven o'clock in the morning, half an hour before the alarm goes off for work, my brain tried it's best to inflate and punch a hole out through my skull.

Oddly enough this was foretold by the lady friend the night before, when she noticed that my pupils were the size of pin pricks. This is a new physical effect of migraines that I have never noticed before. Turns out my eyes are a clear indicator of when I am getting or have a migraine.

Anyway, I pretty much lost a large section of Thursday this week. A text to my manager type in work to tell him I might be working from home, but not highly likely, then a fist full of pills and some sleep. Woke up, sleep had done nothing, more pills, cup of coffee, more sleep.

It wasn't until around half five that the pain died down enough for me to be able to sit up.

It's always fun with them things.

Of course the downside was that with all the sleep I had during the day I couldn't get to sleep last night. Wide awake for a good few hours into the night. Minus craic as the lady would say.

Short comedy update as well, the semi-final gig date is June 13th. People be prepared to get the usual round of texts for bums to be put into seats.


Number one | Fri, 28 May 10 14:06:12 +0100

Teeny tiny pupils is what you get love, easier for me to notice. I am getting good at this migraine spotting :D

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