Not really a rant with an update today I'm afraid, just some pics that I wanted to upload.

First up are images of my new mug. Now, not everyone is going to take pictures of a mug and upload them to the Internet but this is a special mug. Mainly because it is the first mug I have ever had created with my design.

iRock, now in mug form
iRock, now in mug form

Using the fan favourite of "iRock" I now am the proud owner of an "iRock" mug.

Just in case I forgot who made it
Just in case I forgot who made it

I'm happy enough with the results of the printing on this, really impressed you might say. They appear to even have been glazed, which I remember from my art days in school. I reckon that means they will take a few washes in the old dishwasher before starting to fade at all.

Blue inside, did you expect something different?
Blue inside, did you expect something different?

Of course I couldn't go and get a mug that didn't have blue in it somewhere. That would have just been crazy talk.

The mug, along with a few others, are all available in the store so go and spend some money on something stupid. If you do have a look at them play around with the options available to you. Not only can you get a mug with the design, you can get ones with different coloured handles, different colours on the inside, frost steins. Even one that changes colour when you make a hot drink.

Guess what's next on my list of things I don't really need but might plan on buying :D

Final image is the finished painting. After a lot of weeks of nothing I managed to get it done over the weekend. So here it is in all it's glory.

The finished product.
The finished product.

The camera didn't really catch it, but the green background has a misty/swirly effect going on with it. It's not just one shade of green but two that blend together around the bulls heads.

Overall I am much happier with how this piece turned out as oppose to my first try at painting. But since the ladyfriend won't let me just paint white over that canvas and use it again I guess I am stuck with it :). This one turned out better because I planned more. Hopefully the next one works better again as I have read a few interesting techniques that I want to try to improve the colours as they go onto the canvas.

There is already a new blank canvas on the easel waiting to be destroyed and I have at least three ideas for something new to paint. So as usual stick around the images will be posted up here as they happen.


=^-^= | Wed, 16 Jun 10 13:05:33 +0100

Free mug please!!! :D

blue_jester | Wed, 16 Jun 10 13:35:40 +0100

This just in...hell hasn't frozen over :P

=^-^= | Wed, 16 Jun 10 15:52:50 +0100

It hasn't? Then where the hell am I?!?


Becca | Sun, 20 Jun 10 12:05:41 +0100

I want that mug!

I am on my way to zazzle..... (who, by the way wished Rob a happy father's day today and scared the life out of him!) :)

Seriously though, I am getting this one!

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