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I'm going out on a limb here folks, so try to not shake the tree all that much.

I'm gearing up for submitting my manuscript to agents and publishers around the land to see if any are interested in it.

So here is a look at the first chapter, for you all to download and have a read of.

Now, I am a fan of feedback. I like it, it helps me to make things better. Feedback on my comedy, feedback on my artwork, feedback on my site. Things that can be improved, changed, removed to make better. That sort of feedback.

I don't want feedback along the lines of "It's pure shit burn it!". That isn't constructive or helpful, that's just you being a dickhead.

So if you have a minute, click and download the chapter and have a read of it. If you have any feedback that won't result in you being seen as a dickhead leave a comment on this rant. What you liked. What you didn't. Why it wasn't your particular brand of vodka.


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