Recently I tweeted that I had something to announce, but wasn't able to at the moment of the tweet. The reason for that little bit of mystery was that everything had not become official. At least it was not official at that moment.

Now it all is official I reckon I am able to talk a bit more about it.

As of five o'clock Tuesday I have officially handed in my notice with Sun/Oracle. One month from now I will be in a new job, starting out afresh and learning the ropes all over again.

Readers of The Bauble will know that I've been pissed off with the current job for a while now.

Not the people there, the people are great. Friendly, helpful, willing to teach new skills that you haven't yet developed. From that aspect of things it was a great place to work.

I've gotten some great experience in the industry from this place. I've played with some elements of computers that I'd never get a chance in other jobs. I've learned and messed around with some things that most folks have to do in their spare time to get an understanding of.

The downside of working here? Well the higher ups in lands foreign are anal retentive asses that have poles shoved so far up their cracks that you can almost see it coming through a nostril. Rather than cough up the funds that were due roughly two years ago they are more willing to lose a person, along with the skills and knowledge they have, and then have to hire a new person to replace them. A person that will need huge amounts of training.

That sort of seemed like a no-brainer. Keep the person that will leave as oppose to waste time trying to find a replacement. But it would appear that the pole had scratched out the logic part of the higher ups brains.

As is the way of things a person has to know when enough is enough. For me that was about six months ago, when I decided to start hunting around for a new job. Many interviews and many rejection letters later and I figured that I would be with the company another two years before my funds were increased.

Cut to two weeks ago when I received a phonecall from a company that were wondering would I be interested in having a phone interview. I said sure. The interview went well, leading to a face-to-face interview. This I thought went not so well.

The shock came when I got a call a few days later saying not only did I do well in the second interview but I had a job offer. Not only had I an offer it was for two grand more than what I originally had looked for.

The contract was sent out, the terms and conditions fine. The benefits pretty damn impressive. Just to keep with one section of the agreements I won't name the company here, but from what I have heard and read it is not a bad company to work for at all. Some people that have been told about the new job and who it is with are impressed that I got in, saying it is a good sign of my skills.

Overall shits worked out pretty well.

Of course this sadly means that the Sun has set (pun intended) on my current job. I've made some good friends, co-workers, memories, all that stuff. But sometimes you can't use those factors as justification to remain in a place that doesn't value you at your worth. So while it will be sad in a way to walk out the office a final time in a little under a month, it is also exciting.

New job, new challenges, same jester.


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