End Of An Era


Today was my official last day in the job. As of now I can no longer go into the building, log into the systems, hell I don't even think I get the free parking any more. While I am still technically an employee that is only because I had holidays booked before handing in the notice. But as far as the job is concerned today was my last day.

I won't lie, I was a little nostalgic about leaving. I'd done a fourteen month stint as an intern in the job. When I left then it wasn't all that big a deal really. I knew it was short term, I would only be there for a set amount of time. Back then it was more or less just part of being in college. Sure I had made some friends that I kept in contact with over the years, but I never expected to be going back to the building.

Fast forward two years and just as my job then was ending I was hired back with Sun.

Over the last four-ish years I learned a hell of a lot. I had some good times, stressed out times. Made those friendships from my intern days all the stronger. Generally it wasn't the worst place to be. In fact I'd probably still be there if certain state-side higher ups took their finger out and paid out wage increases long over due.

But there is no point going over that again, since it is all in the past now.

It was sad to walk out the door one last time, realising that I won't be coming back in two days to the same faces. Those friendships that I formed there will have to continue in a slightly lessened form now. Such is life.

It is exciting in a way though as well. In two weeks I start the new job. A whole world of unknowns waiting for me. Plus if I ever want to remind myself of the folks from the old work place I can always just read the farewell card. Each of them left a message in it that is clearly their own, not just the usual "Goodbye" message. Even if one or two of them did suggest that I had a wedding in my future.

Of course The Jester will always be a kid at heart ;)


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