This isn't going to be an all important rant today. A migraine that I've had since Thursday (one which destroyed my Thursday evening might I add) has decided to stick around for the weekend and keep me company. It rolled itself up into a nice little ball and is throbbing just above my eye. Reminding me every few minutes that it is there.

If that isn't enough fun, my wisdom teeth have finally started to cause me daily pain. Twenty seven years I never paid them any heed then one dentist with a hard on for charging too much pokes them and I can't go a few days without them acting up. It really is annoying. How the lady friend put up with the constant throbbing is a mystery. Lil trooper that one.

I've nearly finished the first/test comic for the site. Just some shading to do on the characters and that is done and dusted. Sadly that is the part that takes the longest and is the most boring. I got so bored after doing one and a half panels that I saved the work and finished off a new t-shirt design. As in finished it from start to finish, inked and coloured and shaded. I'm nothing if not easily distracted when boredom sets in :)

On the coding front I fixed a minor bug in the site that I wasn't aware of until yesterday. The odd thing about the bug is that it should have effected a whole host of things, but seemed to be contained to a very strange edge case. Also I think I have The Bauble talking with Twitter once again, but more on that when I am 100% sure that it is working and I don't have a migraine fighting with a wisdom tooth for attention.

I was going to yap about the new job, but I've only worked two days in the place so far and even then I haven't actually done anything past reading some documents and being shown how things work. Next week I get some proper tasks assigned to me apparently, so that should be more interesting to report on other than "They have a nice coffee area".

Think that is it, the rambling is over. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming.


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