Free Time


The lady friend made a very valid point last night. While I was working on the latest painting she said that it was funny how much time I was spending on it. Not in a bad way, more that I had done a lot of painting over the last two days. The reason, of course, is slightly obvious to the pair of us.

I've got no Words to write.

The Words was what we called the daily word target that I was meant to reach every night. Not meant to, that sounds too business like for a hobby, but you get the idea. Every day I wanted to have a minimum amount of words typed up. This task affectionately was called The Words. But since sending the book off to the first agent I've not had any writing to do.

Not that The Words were a large time consumer. Some nights I might struggle to reach the limit and have to spend over an hour. Other nights I would get the words done fairly fast.

But while we play the waiting game with the literary agent it is clear that the time usually spent on The Words is there. Plus, me being me, it means that said time is getting filled with other bits.

I've already looked at some sections of The Bauble that I want to recode/work on. Small things that aren't massively required but just bits I wouldn't mind doing or having fixed. Yesterday I wrote a new backup script for saving my stories folder to a USB device. I've designed a new t-shirt, although that won't be for sale as it is a one off present.

Heck I even worked on the Twitter bug that cropped up due to the OAuth changes Twitter implemented. Once more the site is talking nicely with it's Twitter account.

It's funny, a mate of mine once said that what I do for relaxation most people would avoid like the plague. Maybe he was right. Wise man it would seem.

He should get a hobby and stop playing 'Analyse My Friends' :P


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