Migrainous Vertigo


We have entered into that wonderfully strange time of year. The days are getting shorter. The nights longer. The weather cooler (that's actually one bit I like but I am strange that way). More than anything the weather is getting crazy. It shifts from sunny to cloudy to sunny again in ten minutes.

That sorta weather is not good for people that get migraines. While I am not one hundred percent convinced that there is a link between graines and rains, past performances do have a strange amount of coincidence. In general the day before, the day of or the day after a massive and sudden shift in weather I will get a migraine of some sort.

Normally Autumn and Spring are the two seasons that this happens in the most. In Winter it's cold and wet all the time, Summer is (for the most part) dry and hot. It is literally the seasons of change that seem to have the highest migraine count.

In the last week I've had three. One bad one on the first day of the new job, which had me in bed straight after I got home. One last Saturday before meeting up with two good mates for some beverage banter in the local. Today would be the third one, but it is the strangest I've ever had.

At this stage, going on sixteen years of migraines, I sort of figured I've had them all.

The aura ones, were you see lights and the world is bright.

The deaf ones, were a pin dropping a city away is like thunder in your head. Slight exaggeration there for exaggeration purposes.

The crack ones, not being stoned on the white stuff. This is one where your vision is really fucked up. The best way of describing it is like watching a movie on a T.V. with a huge crack down the centre. Except instead of a movie it's the real world and the crack is in your vision/head.

The painful ones, were death is sought as an end to the pain.

The weak ones, were it is just annoying but you can deal with it.

The shakey ones, were you seem like a junkie in need of a fix because you can't control your body.

The list goes on. But today I had an entirely new one. Nice to know that after all this time my brain was able to throw out something new.

It started really early in the morning, being woken from sleep with a brain pain. As I woke time disappeared, the soup no longer cared about having even a poor concept of time. Hell I don't remember some of the conversations I had with the lady friend this morning. I even had to apologise for snapping at her, but wasn't sure if I really did or just had a mix up of wires in my head. One of the big signs a person has a migraine is a personality change, it may as well be called Hyde Syndrome. The Nordie Nightingale has the patients of a saint when it comes to this huge shift in my personality. She gets the pills, makes the disgusting ginger drink that helps keep my stomach contents where they belong and doesn't loose her head at me for loosing my head at her when she is helping. All because she knows that it isn't really me doing the snapping. At this stage she has fully adjusted to the third "person" in the relationship and deals with him accordingly. :D

The morning blurred together in a mix of pain, scenes that could/might have happened and pills.

The new feature to this little funfest? Vertigo. As a fellow migraine sufferer pointed out, generally a migraine means moving is hard regardless. He is spot on, generally you want to move as little as possible as any extra signals in your skull cause pain to rip through the brain.

But this morning it was like the entire world was a ship at sea. In the middle of a storm. While sailing through an earthquake. Evading a Kraken. As the Gods shook the snowglobe for shits and giggles.

Get the picture?

I wasn't able to walk without great concentration on my part. Even now, with the pain gone, the Vertigo remains. It's been an interesting day so far. Guess I should make sure I really stay behind the yellow line at the train station later, or things could get very flat very soon :D

Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a need for some coffee to help stay awake a little longer in work. ;)


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Work on that ability a little more and you could have a lucrative new career as a human barometer! :)

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