All Quiet


It's all very quiet on the Jester front these days. I've no writing to do, no daily word target to hit. This, in turn, has led to me taking up the exciting hobby of checking the letter box every day to see if there is anything there from the agent I submitted to.

I am literally waiting for paint to dry on my current painting before I can put the finishing touches to it.

The few comedy gigs I did have coming up I had to cancel, because I'm having my wisdom teeth extracted and don't think people want to go to a comedy show and be covered in blood. Although who knows, that could become a new form of entertainment. Plus I will be high as a kite on pain pills, might make for the best gig yet.

The new job, while interesting and I am learning a lot of stuff, is sorta on the quiet side these days. I've only got three projects to work on but they don't take up a lot of time. Queue plenty of browsing the web for anything to keep the boredom away.

I do have one or two little projects on the go at the minute. I've started working on the next comic. Just some rough designs, nothing final just yet. As I doodle away there is some redesign of the style happening as well, purely by accident. I wanted to try and get the next comic done for the end of the month but I don't want to lock myself into a deadline I am not sure I can keep. Despite not having a lot to rant about the old social calendar is packed with crap for the next few days.

Then there is a new website that I am working on. Thankfully a lot of it is coming from The Bauble, but there is all the tweaking that needs to be done so that it works on its own. There is some new code that needs to be written as well, although funnily enough Feature Creep has once again occurred. Some new code I wrote for the new site the other night was something that I thought might work well in The Bauble. Ah the Constant Tinkerer. Maybe that's what will be written on my tombstone: Here lies The Jester, he never stopped fixing tiny things that would never bother other folk.

Anyway not a really informative rant, but hey they can't all be winners. :|


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