A Death


This is one of those entries that you never want to write about. The sort that you hope to avoid for as long as possible. Sadly life always seems to want to remind you that things are so far beyond your control it isn't even funny.

The other day I got a phonecall from the mother informing me of the death of an old friend. He was somebody that I had known back when I was in Scouts. I knew his younger brother, his sister and even his parents. Had done for years. To be told that he was now dead was beyond shocking.

The way The Soup works always sucks in a situation like this. The news of a friend dying causes all the people in my life who have died to come flooding back. All the big moments that I can remember about them, right up to the moment I heard they had died.

The other day was no different. Everyone that I know who has died appeared in my mind, now with a new member. I thought back to the days in our Scout unit. To the craic we all had when we were younger. To the last time I had seen him, nearly two years ago.

It was a sharp reminder of how fragile a thing life is. Myself and my best mate, who also knew the dearly departed friend, went to pay our respects at the family home the other night. It was a sombre and sad affair to say the least. One that neither of us knew how to handle or actually behave at. Christ does anyone ever know the right things to say at events like that?

Why things got so bad in life so that death seemed like the only option is an answer we may never have. I just hope now that he has found a peace in the afterlife that seemed to elude him in this one.

As his dad said to us when we arrived never keep things bottled up. Share your problems and look after your mental health so that, if nothing else, we learn from the choice my friend made and avoid making the same one ourselves.

Where ever you are now mate you'll be missed.


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