A Little Less Wise


I had my two lower wisdom teeth taken out yesterday. It was an interesting experience all round I can tell you. For a start the X-ray machine that they used to scan my head has to rank as one of the most posh machines around. It played classical music while doing the scan. That is nice and all but I found it a little be off putting that I was listening to Mozart while in front of me a computer screen displayed a big "Radioactive Warning" symbol on it.

Still, interesting little experience.

Being the big girl's blouse that I am I opted for sedation to get the teeth out. I have started to develop a deep hatred for the dentist folks these days. They seem to cause me pain, both financial and physical. This lad, however, wasn't bad at his job at all. Explained things nice and clear, was a wizard when it came to giving me the needle (I sort of have a phobia about them) and got the job done without saying afterwards "Oh dear, you have to come back for a load more work."

Note to Dublin Dentists: that's how it should be. Don't go creating more work you rat bastards.

As for the procedure itself I don't actually remember a whole lot of it. It apparently lasted an hour although I would say it was more like ten minutes. Supposedly I was awake during the entire thing, as oppose to being fully knocked out, but I only have snippets of memories. I remember swearing blind to the lady friend that I was conscious for the entire thing but as the day fades away that might not the whole truth.

For instance I don't remember ringing my mam when I was in the recovery room and telling her that I was alright to drive down the road what was she worried about. Not a single memory of the event happened, bar one sentence she said that I thought I had dreamt.

The pain level isn't all that bad. The worst part is that because I had both lower teeth removed I don't have a side of the mouth I can chew food on. So it's soups and yoghurt for the next few days. The lady friend was able to get some grade A pain pills from her GP as well, so they are helping out nicely.

Of course my body being how it is the lack of food is having the nasty side effect of bringing on a migraine. So I have been awake since about half four this morning nursing one of those bastards away. It's still there, humming slightly over my left eye, but it isn't nearly as bad as it was. It's like the migraines were feeling left out or something. "Oh, you're in pain but I'm not causing it. Well let's just see about that then shall we."

Face is a bit swollen on the right side, that was the worst of the teeth to get out. But as of now I don't feel too bad. In fact the migraine is causing me more discomfort than the teeth.

Meh, I get a few days off work to heal up so it ain't all bad. :) But I can really recommend sedation, even if it's just for recreational purposes :D.


Shortie | Fri, 15 Oct 10 11:56:33 +0100

At least it's done now. Plus we know you look cute with wee chubby cheeks :) x

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