Gig Coming Up


So I've been writing. I've been drawing. I've been staring at my new painting itching to get back to it. I've been working on a new website project. I've been testing and deploying same. I've been busy in work. I've been hounding agents around the world to read my manuscript.

So what do I do to create more time for myself and allow me to wrap up these projects?

I get a gig lined up. :D

That's just how I roll.

See, because I had to cancel two gigs in October due to the wisdom teeth being pulled I haven't had a gig in a long while. Since the comedy contest final in fact. That means I don't have the set floating around in my head. Practise is required to get the jokes back in there and lined up like mental ducks in a row. Of course if I had a spare minute since my last entry on The Bauble to practise that would have been great. Sadly that wasn't the case, with something being on and consuming every spare second. Sad times as they say. Luckily I have tonight to go over the routine, with the other projects all getting pushed back until the weekend.

Sure that's loads of time. I've had less time to prepare for a gig. We all remember the days when I would go into the Neptune to just watch and end up on stage at the last minute.

The reason for taking on a gig when I was so busy is because, as usual, I've gone so long without one that I started to miss the pre-gig buzz. Plus I plan on writing some new material for the new year, getting some new gigs with a brand new set, so I want to run with the current one a few more times before the Christmas season is upon us. Because there is no way in hell I will have time to get a gig going come December 1st. If only I could knock that whole 'eight hours sleep' lark on the head, sure that's just wasted time at this stage. Sleep is so overrated.


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