What I Did Since Last Rant


Right, so, been a little busy the last few weeks and as such haven't had a chance to post a rant. Heck I haven't even had a chance to update some sections of the site with the dreaded "feature creep" :). That's not true, I've no new things I want to add to the site.

Well I wouldn't mind adding a new comic, but sadly time has not been kind to me these days. Work has been a little busy and it is now that season where you have a dozen social events to show up to on a weekly basis. You know the drill. Plus I've been putting the finishing touches on a few side projects that are now, thankfully, wrapped up.

Project number one was my brother's new website. It's coded, designed, images on it and sitting on its new home on the web. He still wants to have a tinker around with it before it officially is launched so expect a link to be posted here early in the new year.

Project number two that I completed yesterday was the present for my Secret Santa. See the lady friend's entire family do Secret Santa every year. A present, a mystery, a budget. All good fun. Last year I was included in it along with the only other outsider in the family unit, the boyfriend of my lady friend's sister.

Being me I figured that along with getting proper presents I would conjure up a "special" one. Something from the dark depths of the soup. Something that was funny and freaky. Cue a calendar with themed pictures of various hot females for each month. Except these images were then destroyed by having my ugly mug photoshopped in place of the woman's face. In essence a calendar was created that would inspire fear and mirth into the random victim it was meant for.

All in all it went down pretty damn well. Despite the nausea that it may have caused.

The thing is that I reckon I shot myself in the foot when it came to Secret Santa this year. Having pulled such a gem out of my arsenal it was expected that I topped it if not matched it. A little thinking, a bit of bastard and a dash of "yep that will disgust everyone" and I had my new idea. Once the name of my victim was selected (because face it nobody wants something created from my insane membrane) it was all systems go. As of now that project has been created, finished, and should be in my hands before Christmas Eve.

I won't put any images up just yet, so as not to spoil the surprise, but after Christmas I might throw up a few snaps.

Project three is the usual, bit of writing going on. Started writing chapter nine today and have to send the first novel off to a few more agents in the next while.

All in all, I've been a busy boy.

As for getting a new comic up I should have listened to the advice of another site that I follow and had a buffer of comics ready before showing any at all. But since the first three seemed to have gone down so well I at least know the project was not an entire waste of time. In the new year I will start the comic back up again, hopefully with a few buffer issues ready to avoid such huge delays again. I mean no comic for the entire month of November, that's just crazy talk.

Of course don't go expecting a whole load of updates in the coming weeks. More things to go to, Christmas shopping to get done. Overall it's going to be a busy December.

I need a break :D


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The big jolly man | Mon, 06 Dec 10 14:58:36 +0000

We need more clues on the secret project!

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