The Countdown


A belated Happy New Year to everyone. How is 2011 treating you all so far? I am guessing that, as usual, there has been no massive earth shattering change in your life just because the calendar got one year older. But sure were you expecting anything else.

My Christmas/New Years was fantastic, it has to be said. Quality time spent with friends, family, the lady friend. Good food, few killer migraines, interesting presents and a nice break from work. All in all the best Christmas I've had in a long time. It was just what the doctor ordered.

But this time of year is jam packed with events for me. Aside from Christmas and New Year there is also my impending birthday.

Tomorrow I once more get to mark off another year on the scoreboard where I didn't manage to somehow kill myself in an amusing manner. That Darwin Award is once again beyond my grasp.

Unless I manage to pull of something stupendous in the next twelve hours, that is.

Not that this birthday is a milestone marker or a big number. Although if you were to ask some folks it is an "old" and "ancient" age to be turning. But those people are just being bastards for bastards sake.

Curse them and their youth.

One thing that I realised the other day, aside from the fact that my birthday was coming along, was the number of years that are now behind me since doing certain "big" events in a person's life.

This summer, for example, marks the ten year anniversary of when I sat the Leaving Cert, finishing my sentence in secondary school. A decade since sitting "the most important exam (my arse) you will ever sit!". That is a scary statistic to have now in my personal history. It's a big indication that I am, despite my claims, getting old.

As a college mate pointed out only the other night this Autumn marks the decade anniversary of when I first started college and was afflicted with a friendship that has last since.

You know who you are and it had to be done :P.

But for now, as I countdown the last hours of being twenty-sven, I can still bend down to tie my shoes without hurting my back. I can still sleep an entire night without having to get up and use the toilet. I still get a childish excitement when handed a present that can only be classed as a "big boy toy". Hell I still play with any toy that's left within arms reach.

So, to the me of ten years ago, you've done a good job of things so far lad. I am quiet happy with where I am in life right now, very happy in fact. I'll celebrate in style for ya tomorrow. Maybe that will explain the migraine I had on my eighteenth birthday :D. Time travelling neurological conditions ho!


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