Yesterday marks my failure to yet again win a Darwin Award for the past year. Go me! To celebrate this success myself and the lady friend went out for dinner at a Lebanese restaurant (The Cedar Tree) that I had heard about ages ago and wanted to go to for a while.

Now, I've a friend that keeps a blog about places to eat in who is much better at restaurant reviews than me, so this is going to be a short and simple one.

Go eat at this place. It is amazing food. I mean seriously amazing food. I've got this odd weakness for a dish (it's vine leafs stuffed with rice) and as soon as I saw them on the menu BOOM...they were ordered. Man they were tasty. So much so that the lady friend, who was a little dubious about how a leaf could be tasty, was surprised that she liked them so much.

The main courses, which I am not going to try and spell because I couldn't pronounce them, were amazing as well. I had possibly the most tasty chicken dish I have ever had on a meal night out. Seriously good food. Not to mention filling. It takes a lot to make me feel full, to have no room left for anything, but half way through my main course I was struggling to finish it.

Not that I didn't finish it. I'm opening to accepting a challenge like that, hell I was still nibbling at the remainders of the lady friend's dish well past the "stomach bursting" moment.

Of course a place can serve great food and have crappy staff, but not this place. The staff were so friendly it was impressive. They would bring out your dish and explain how to best get the full flavour from what you had ordered. We even ended up having a ten minute conversation with the owner about how to prepare the vine leaf dish (I'd asked if it was actually called warak inab which seemed to impress him somewhat). He even told us how to prepare a meat variant of the dish, along with warning us that we should never order the meat version in a restaurant because of how it must be prepared.

Man just thinking about it makes me want to run back and order the dishes again. Seriously, do your taste buds and stomach a favour and check this place out.


kieran carney | Sun, 09 Jan 11 06:05:18 +0000

The Cedar Tree was great, The desert wasnt though.


blue.jester | Sun, 09 Jan 11 13:38:49 +0000

You didn't like the desert? What did you get? Shortie had the early bird deal for sixteen quid and whatever the default desert on that was it was amazing. I just went for mint tea though, since it was mad properly and not just some wrigles thrown into a teapot. :D

kieran carney | Sun, 09 Jan 11 16:13:07 +0000

I cant remember the name of it, but it was pure sugar. To the point where your lips got sucked in over your teeth and your skin tightened so much Micheal Jackson would have asked for the number of your plastic surgeon.

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